I have to go to a hospital, but where should I go?

I’m searching for it on the internet, but the endless ads keep popping up!

I got my dental implants surgery several years ago, but what if the dentistry, where I got them is already gone?

What am I going to do if I encounter issues with my implants?

What if I could personally possess my medical records?

I wouldn’t have to visit and pay for the issuance of my medical records every time I need them.

Is there a method to reduce the advertisement expenses, being incurred for the attraction of customers?

How to increase the number of patients?


MISBLOC (Medical information service with blockchain) provides safe and transparent medical services using blockchain technology,
which makes the MISBLOC system immune to forgery and counterfeit.

Finding a right hospital in the flood of endlessly popping out advertisements.

MISBLOC will help you to make a right choice of a hospital through the honest reviews of actual hospital visitors and patients.

Saving medical records & certificates right in your phone

From now on, you won’t have to carry your chart papers in order to submit to insurance companies or to hospitals. You can securely save your medical records & certificates in the non-modifiable blockchain technology, which will also save you repetitive re-issuance costs.

If you ever have a problem with the prosthesis or your implants, you won’t have to worry anymore!

You will able to tackle all the present & future issues, that may cause discomfort to your body due to the malfunctioning of your prosthesis or implants, simply by storing the related information in the blockchain.

You will be freed from the monetary burden expended on advertising and introductory fees

Through the community, that’s operated by the MISBLOC, medical institutions will be able to attract potential patients. The marketing expenses can now be replaced by the meaningful and effective investments made into MISBLOC.

MISBLOC is a transparent and safe medical service information ecosystem

  • We provide a reliable source of information, which cannot be falsified neither forged due to the application of blockchain technology.
  • Select & book hospitals, share reviews, and keep medical records safe through the in-house developed smartphone application of Misbloc, Anapatalk.
  • By providing a review of the medical institution, where you got treatment, the users can receive a reward in the form of MSB Tokens, which acts as a currency in the MISBLOC’s mini shopping mall and in the MISBLOC’s partnering hospitals.
  • Activation of Miss Block will help hospitals provide better services to patients, and patients will be able to use easy and convenient services while reducing the burden of medical expenses.

The future that MISBLOC is building

  • Smartphone Electronic Chart
  • Medical SNS
  • Searching/booking a hospital visit
  • Medical Marketing
  • Telemedicine
  • Medical Tourism
  • Medical AI
  • Medication Distribution
  • Medical IOT

ANAPATALK It’s a blockchain-based medical service platform

ANAPATALK is Misblock's medical services platform that provides medical data utilization, telemedicine, and healthcare information community functions.

I tend to hope, that MISBLOC will achieve its mission of creating a healthy ecosystem by utilizing selected medical information in the right way. In fact, the future of the power lies in the domain of big data, thus I believe MISBLOC has chosen the right direction towards becoming a global medical big data platform

Kim Hyen Jung

Professor at Korea University / Director at Cryptocurrency Research Center

The MyData era is de facto a big data era, which connects all the essential parts of an individual’s life, such as finance, telecommunication and surely medicine. Those people, who will use the services offered by MISBLOC will be able to enjoy a happy and healthy life by managing their own data. MISBLOC will in fact restore the patients’ medical data sovereignty with the usage of blockchain technology.

Koo Tae Eon

CEO at the TEK&LAW

Up to now, only medical institutions possessed the authority over the patients’ information. Therefore, the MISBLOC has found the core of the problem and has decided to tackle this issue by returning the sovereignty of the medical data back to the people’s own management.

Lee Ki-Hyo

a former director at the National Institute for Health Policy

Where does the trust-based relationship between doctors and patients originate? MISBLOC has the answer to that question. MISBLOC utilizes the blockchain technology in order to keep the patient’s data in safety, thereby protecting patients and building a trust-based bridge between doctors and patients.

Kim Myung-Seop


MISBLOCis supported by diverse instituions.

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